How College Football BCS Standings Are Calculated

Love it or hate it, BCS Standings is the single entity that decides each year who will play for the National College Football Championship. Everyone knows that the top 25 BCS results are made up of computer calculations based on coach rankings, schedule strength, and other types of top 25 […]

Pittsburgh Steelers rivals of all time

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an NFL franchise that ran into three primary rivals with all three playing in the same division as them. The team’s rivals are the Cleveland Browns, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens. Additionally, the team also has other rivals in postseason games, namely the Oakland […]

6 key players in San Diego Chargers history

Are you loaded for the next game of your favorite NFL team? Since dropping the Oakland Raiders in their NFL debut (1961), the San Diego Chargers have entertained their local and national fans. Since 1961, the Chargers have earned spots in four AFC championship games (1980, 1981, 1994, 2007) and […]

Super Bowl Diet Survival Guide

Super Bowl Sunday is the first big “holiday” of the year that can derail your New Years diet and exercise resolve. You feel healthier and you may have already lost a few pounds this year. His clothes fit better and he’s eating healthier and exercising more consistently. The Super Bowl […]

Music Promotion and Marketing: What’s the Difference?

What is the difference between music marketing and music promotion? Marketing and promotion are often confused among freelance musicians. There is a difference between music marketing and music promotion. Let’s look at marketing first. Marketing Marketing is about letting your target market know who you are, what you have to […]

Fantasy Football: Quarterbacks

I’ve always felt that quarterbacks were underrated in fantasy football. In most scoring formats, they score more points than in any other position (yes, including the vaunted running backs). However, most people tend to dismiss quarterbacks as unworthy of a high pick because they all contribute the same number of […]