Real estate investment in the Covid era

Wow, how things have changed, fast! If you are still investing, I would love to hear how you are adapting and what you see for the future. I’ll start with some of the Covid changes we’ve already made. NOTE: Much of what I share is what we are already experiencing […]

How to get out of a credit card equipment lease

A leasing nightmare Leasing can be a very frustrating experience. I once called a merchant who had 3 different leases and wasn’t even sure what they were for. By examining your business checking account statement, I can help you identify who the leases were and what they were linked to. […]

Section 8 Tenants? Dos and Don’ts for Homeowners

Section 8 is a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) assistance program for low-income families that provides housing payment assistance to families based on their ability to pay for housing expenses. Section 8 programs are administered by a Public Housing Authority (PHA); either the State, the local city housing authority, or […]

Benefits of a credit card

All banks are friendly to people and have a variety of credit cards to help people in case of emergencies or adverse situations. You can select any card that suits your lifestyle and its customer-friendly executives are always on hand for assistance. All cards have cash back schemes, reward points, […]

Secrets of a Millionaire Owner – Book Review

By: Robert Shemin, ESQ. (2002) ISBN 0-7931-4825-1 Book Price: $ 28.95 Outstanding real estate investor Robert Shemin is a nationally recognized landlord expert in the US and is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author who became a millionaire in his 30s by investing in real estate. Shem earned a law […]

Understanding occupancy controls

If you decide to get involved in the REO business, one of the things you need to do is the occupancy verification. This is one of the first things the REO agent should do. The REO Boom book has provided guidance for executing occupancy control and reporting. The main purpose […]