How dangerous are fleas REALLY?

That time of year is upon us once again! The warm weather and blue skies make our dogs beg to be outside for sunbathing. Ah, summer, how we love it! (Like our dogs). Unfortunately, that warm weather and blue skies bring something else with them: fleas. They are a threat […]

How to discipline a Staffordshire with ease

Now that you have your cute new puppy, you will need to learn how to discipline a Staffordshire. The Staffordshire bull terrier is a very popular breed of dog in the United States and the United Kingdom. People love these puppies because they are very intelligent, they are full of […]

How to train a cat with litter

For most cat owners, training their cat to use litter is a relatively painless process. One of a cat’s natural instincts is to eliminate in an area where their feces can cover. This behavior can be a way for your cat to accept what he perceives as the natural order […]

How to teach a cat to kiss

Has a cat kissed you? Some will say, “cats don’t kiss.” What if I tell you that my cat knows how to kiss? At a young age, the cat’s ability to learn the things it is taught can be easily detected while undergoing basic training on how to use the […]

Conversations with Animals by Lydia Hiby

Conversations with Animals: Cherished Messages and Memories Told by an Animal Communicator by Lydia Hiby with Bonnie S. Weintraub. I liked this book. It was easy to read and there was a lot of useful information in the book for those owners who know that pets have feelings like us. […]