Financing of the family limited partnership

A family limited partnership is generally financed with specific assets. Real estate provides the ideal investment, but not all assets are suitable for transfer to society. With respect to corporate partners, the shares of the S corporation cannot be owned by a partnership. The partners do not recognize gains or […]

Correspondence principle in accounts receivable

The matching principle is the basis of accrual (or accrual) accounting and revenue recognition. According to the principle, all expenses incurred in the generation of income should be deducted from the income obtained in the same period. This principle enables a better assessment of actual profitability and performance and reduces […]

The three basic services offered by elevator companies

Elevator companies are an integral part of modern Western society. With an accessory such as the lift ingrained enough in today’s public consciousness to be inseparable from it, it is only natural that companies created to maintain and service these types of implements are successful and widespread throughout the Western […]

Handyman business name ideas

What’s in a name? Brainstorming business names can be really frustrating. Gone are the days of simply using your last name and attaching “Handyman Service” to the end. If you want to maximize your ad spend, you need to go online. When it comes to your business name … you […]

Importance of a quality franchise agreement

The Indian franchise industry has seen solid growth over the last decade. Despite the economic downturn, the annual growth rate of the franchise industry in India has remained positive and is currently set at between 30% and 35%. The success of the franchise story in India is a testament to […]

How to deal with gossip in the workplace

Humans are social animals and they often give their opinion on various topics, even if they are not asked. They tend to argue at every possible opportunity and do not refrain from doing so even in their workplace. Gossip is a rampant part of any organization, as there may be […]