Can’t afford to order? I can’t afford not to!

Are you slow to order because of the cost?

Well, all those coordinated storage products, drawer dividers, matching hangers, and brand new shelves really can add up. And let’s not forget a label maker to make your labels look good like those in magazines.

We’d all love to splurge on stylish coordinated products. But really, this comes second after paying the gas bill, or it should be! So start thinking cheap and cheerful.

The good news is that you can tidy up the mess without spending a penny, and better than that, tidying up can SAVE YOU money!

First of all, let’s remember the essentials for ordering. That is, to purge your possessions by keeping only what you love, use or need to keep.

The goal is to get things out of your home, not more things inside.

The next step is to organize your storage effectively, noting where and how often items are used. None of which cost a bean.

Of course, once you’ve sorted your things, you’ll probably find that you need containers. But before you buy, buy the house!

And by that I mean, take a good look at what you already own and realize its potential.

  • The tub that the holiday chocolates came in may be taking up space now, but use it to store the different bags of rice or flour and it can actually save you space.

  • Chipped but pretty mugs can hold pens

  • Plastic margarine jars are useful for small items and come with lids.

  • Shoes can be kept in the boxes they came in.

  • Tissue boxes can be filled with folded carry bags; just choose one through the opening.

  • Tupperware can contain practically anything.

  • My personal favorite is the two-liter plastic ice cream jar – a handy size, easy to clean, and comes with a lid. I use them to store everything from folded underwear to recycling to snacks. (Okay, I eat a lot of ice cream).

If you don’t have enough containers on hand, do your friends a favor and get them off their hands.

Well then you will be a lucky lady (or a gentleman) if you can get away without buying anything. So let’s see the best way to do this.

First of all, take your time and resist the hype. That neat sock looks cute, but wouldn’t your socks look so neat rolled up and lined up in one of the free plastic containers you already have?

ALWAYS follow the golden rule: measure twice (or even three times) and buy once. Nothing is more annoying than a plate stacker that is too high for your closet, or a Lazy Susan that jams your kitchen cupboard a little open.

So draw plans of your cupboards and shelves with measurements, and keep them handy when you go shopping.

Take a little time and shop around; You won’t have to search the web far to find the same items at widely varying prices. And don’t forget to factor in postage – some are free, some are, to say the least, not!

Check out pound stores, DIY superstores, a certain Swedish furniture store, and those fun shops with laundry bags stacked outside and mops and buckets in the window. All can be practical product treasures.

Now what you’ve been waiting for:

Can ordering really save you money?

For starters, time is money, especially for the self-employed. Have you ever calculated how much you spend searching for lost items? Probably too much. Do yourself a favor and get organized. You should aim to be able to find most things in a couple of minutes.

How many light bulbs, towels or cans of paprika do you have? Most people have three or four items that they just keep buying back. Organize your space correctly and don’t leave duplicates to hide.

Crowded and crowded wardrobes make choosing an outfit almost impossible. You may have fewer clothes after ordering, but you will have more real options.

Do you spend money going out because you are embarrassed to have people come or do you just want to avoid clutter in your own home? Make your home a place you want to be and are proud to show off, and save yourself a fortune.

Have you ever brought in new garden shears, even though you clearly remember buying a pair last summer? Order your garden shed and save money.

Who hasn’t treated themselves as a reward for a busy and stressful life? Eliminate stress and you won’t feel the same need. Relaxing in your calm and organized home will be a pleasure in itself.

Part of ordering is storing items correctly, and this means that things last longer and are less likely to break.

Who knows, it may even end selling your old stuff and making money.

Still think you can’t afford to order? By now you should have exercised – you really can’t afford not to!

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