Bust the myths and build wealth through cash gifts

What is the essence of the separation between rich and not so rich?

Have you ever thought about the simple myths that can keep you from achieving wealth, or anything else you might want in life, in your work-at-home business? You could be involved in any home based business opportunity, MLM, travel opportunity or cash gifting program and you just don’t see yourself as capable of achieving that 6 or 7 figure income that the heavy hitters tout as so easy and that you want.

Two important quotes to remember and apply from Harold S Geneen; the businessman who led ITT, are “We must not be hindered by the myths of yesterday to focus on the needs of today.” and “You can’t run a business or anything else with a theory.” With those quotes in mind, let’s explore some of those myths that some hold onto so dearly.

Myth One: You need the right education to make a fortune.

Have you ever thought of asking a renowned professor how much he earned in salary? Most are highly educated, but not that rich. Formal education does not equate to wealth or performance in anything you do. A strong vision and direction with a conversion of knowledge will lead to the desired wealth.

Second Myth: I don’t have enough money to start doing anything.

Sounds a bit like an excuse, doesn’t it? Business empires worth billions of dollars today were started in a basement or back garage. Don’t get me wrong… A little “seed capital” can go a long way, but desire and effort will go a long way towards success.

Myth Three: I’ll start next week when I have a clearer picture.

There is an old saying; the more I learn, the more I see that I still need to learn more. Act today… don’t wait for tomorrow, it may never come. Opportunity happens to us every day. You must first see the opportunity and then seize it and make it your captive.

Myth Four: Earning money used to be so much easier.

If we go back 15 years, history will show that with the advent of the high-tech world we live in, more millionaires have been made during that time period than in all of previous history. More and more business opportunities are available every day.

Fifth Myth: I am too young/old to start now.

Poppy Cock I Say… Now that makes me sound old, doesn’t it? The truth is that you are never too young or old to start making your fortune. How old was Bill Gates when he founded Microsoft? Twenty? What about Ray Kroc when he started McDonalds? Fifty? You get the picture!

Myth Six: You need to get into the right business to create wealth.

This should be easy. If there was a “right business” to make your fortune, then everyone would be in that “right business.” It is much more a question of vision for success than the optimal business. Remember that most widgets have been developed with a single thought to get the process going.

Seventh Myth: Never make money doing what you love to do.

Most people who have built wealth continue to do what they do. Why you may ask? Because they enjoy what they do. They feel satisfied with what they do and enjoy the challenge. If you can make money doing what you enjoy, it really feels like you never have to work.

Myth 8: How much you can earn depends entirely on how hard you work.

Have you ever seen a longshoreman working on the dock on a 90 degree day with 100% humidity? He/she is working hard is a fair assessment. No matter how hard they work, they still get the same salary. Working hard does not always equate to creating wealth.

We all have within us an underdeveloped or undiscovered millionaire, waiting inside to break free from our own restrictions, to be freed from doubt and take advantage of that business opportunity that stares us in the face. With that in mind, take a minute or two and memorize this simple saying: If I do today what I did yesterday, will I be where I want to be tomorrow? If you can say yes when you repeat that simple phrase, you’re well on your way to financial freedom. Stay focused, positive and always, above all else, keep your dream alive and fresh in your mind.

Keep an eye out for more informative articles on cash gifts and other work at home business opportunities to be published in the near future.

God Bless and Remember Always Only You Can Make It a Great Day!

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