Blogging Tools: The Importance of Screen Sharing for Bloggers

One important tool bloggers need is screen sharing. Screen sharing means that every time you do a webinar or conference, all or some form of video teaching. Be it one-on-one or in a group, be it live or recorded, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes you want your audience to have the ability to see the things that you are seeing on the screen, on the computer screen. I know there are ways to record your screen even while talking on the smartphone. It’s a pretty limited possibility, so far. I always recommend sharing the information screen of your laptop or PC that you are viewing.

Whenever you see the opportunity for people to look at the things you are looking at. Suppose you are explaining how to use a special kind of software. As you use it, you are explaining it. You know how people like to play video games.

Some people record themselves talking about the game they are playing, so that their audience can really see how the game is played. It is also for screen sharing and is very powerful. Maybe in your area it is something different, but think about what you could provide visually in this way. In this way, your audience could see it in the corner of the screen and on the big screen, in full screen. They would see you doing things on your computer. For this to have this screen sharing ability, you must also have this special software. Screen sharing software.

Camtasia is, of course, a very powerful tool. It is a function incorporated in any type of video you have, they have their possibilities. Just use Camtasia. There are other tools to do this, perhaps less expensive, but quite reliable and you could also invest in them.

In teleseminar and web conferencing services that generally have live calls, they can also provide screen sharing capabilities. I know Skype does. It’s very simple. You only have to have a means to record the screen you are watching, so that later, your viewers, your audience have the ability to see the content you were watching during this training. Those are the great tools any blogger needs.

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