Bat conservation: is bat survival a losing battle?

Conservationists are now actively promoting bat conservation. Bats, being nocturnal creatures, often remind us of unpleasant memories of horror movies with vampires. Histories of feeding on blood are accurate for a small portion of bats, but they rely on livestock for their blood and not humans. And while they are known carriers of rabies, humans are more likely to be bitten by a dog.

The fact is that bats are a useful creature for us humans. They are the main predator of many nocturnal flying insects such as mosquitoes. They also feed on beetles and red worms which are also not wanted in every garden. It is surprising to note that a colony can consume tons of insects each year. Think of how much less pesticide could be used.

Other bats feed on fruit and nectar. These are crucial for the pollination of plants throughout the field. There are some plants that only survive thanks to this pollination. Without it, plant life is also in danger. They are so important to our ecosystem that it is hard to believe that they are ignored by the majority of the human population.

Although categorically a mammal, people tend to label them as rodents. Actually, they are a true flying mammal that can perform continuous flight over a distance. Since they are nocturnal, they are also thought to be blind, but this is another misconception. They have vision, although it is not strong. They will navigate by sonar like submarines do. During the day, they will return to their resting nest, which is normally a cave with its dark and damp living conditions.

There are many concerns about the number of bats that have fallen in recent years. Studies have shown that the main reason is the depletion of their natural habitats. Conservationists are now embarking on conservation programs to raise public awareness of the importance of this creature in the wild.

The focal point of these programs is the habitat. Bats often use caves where the living conditions for them are the best. However, due to the popularity of extreme sports, caves have become one of the most popular hobbies to explore. This is creating a situation where bats are disturbed during their resting time.

This is causing a migration to other places, such as abandoned buildings or mines. They are also moving closer to cities as their natural habitats begin to disappear. Human activities around these places often result in their extermination.

For this reason, conservationists are actively working with communities to educate them and show them how they can attract bats to specific areas that will be beneficial to all. Providing them with homes is the first step in creating a living space for everyone.

Since they are nocturnal, people who have set up houses for them tend not to even realize they are nearby. This shared environment is important to protect this declining species and we must help where we can. Take the time to learn more about these wonderful winged creatures. The conservation of bats will ensure that the balance of nature is preserved. By using bat houses you will be helping to reduce the insect population naturally. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

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