Ghana Life: Taxi and Trotro Slogans

Visitors to Ghana during the second half of the 20th century may have been surprised to discover that road traffic was dominated by two categories of public transport vehicles: bright yellow-painted winged taxis and trotros, old Bedford trucks with wooden bodies built locally traditional style and distinctive design. However, a […]

20 reasons to lease equipment

There are numerous benefits to leasing, an equipment financing method that has been popular for many years. It offers some unique benefits over conventional bank financing or an outright purchase, and here are 20 reasons to lease equipment. 1. Pay as you go Leasing highlights the utility value of the […]

remote control cars and trucks

One of the best things about childhood is toys and the older you get, the better they get. Remote control cars and such are awesome and fun, whether you’re playing alone or with a group of friends. They can provide hours of entertainment and keep kids, and sometimes spouses, out […]