Alternative energy: wind turbines, solar panels and bird slaughter

If the oil industry has an oil spill, environmentalists come out of nowhere screaming bloody murder and yet what a double standard we have, as alternative energy causes more bird deaths per 10,000 occurrence than oil spills. Shouldn’t we be talking about this in our discussion of alternative energy? Let’s talk now, since no one else will, okay?

You see environmental activists offer such bogus solutions to your anti CO2 escapades that they would have you believe we can light up the whole world with wind power which clearly is for birds it actually isn’t it kills them so much for your called care for the environment and endangered species. Wind power technology isn’t the only alternative energy wiping out bird populations. In fact, there was an interesting article on the CFact website recently titled; “Shady Circumstances Cloud Huge Solar Energy Plant Bailout,” and this is the same plant that NBC News reported that: “Streamers: Birds Fried in Midair by Solar Plant, Feds Say,” yeah that’s right incinerated in flight like a laser beam of a death star in Star Wars.

It’s obvious to me that all the alarmist apologists for global warming are perhaps a bit hypocritical in their thinking. Look at it this way; they call the dead birds in this solar plant; Streamers, because they fall to the ground like the Japanese zeroes in the WWII movie Tora, Tora, Tora, both for these AGW fundamentalists and their inspiration from the Kyoto Treaty. Sure, we understand the environmental issues, but doesn’t this debate go to the birds?

If we installed wind turbines everywhere as an alternative to fossil fuels, wouldn’t wind speeds be reduced in areas known to blow wind like mountain passes, thus removing a source of fresh air and heating things up in those areas? If our goal is supposedly to prevent warming, why stop the wind? It sounds far-fetched, but it shouldn’t, because can you imagine how many wind turbines it would take to power a major city in the US?

Okay, back to the birds, since that’s what this article is really about. Does no one care about the huge number of birds dying from these expensive power turbines or the reality that the CO2 emitted from making the steel towers takes 15 years to pay off? Why all the investment in wind turbines? Is it because they are made in Germany in the city where the IPCC meetings have been held, a country that funneled a lot of money for Obama’s election in 2008 in unreported/untraceable $99 increments to the electoral process in the US? USA? Am I sure there is no conspiracy? Or, well, maybe there is? What you say? Has alternative energy moved to the Dark Side?

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